LAN Status should be in the menu


There is currently no way to easily determine if the LAN interface has anything plugged in. Could this be added?


Perhaps it should be available to disable the ethernet port as well, as that would make an easy way to suspend a customer’s access.


+1 - Some sort of status for the Ethernet connection would be great.


This is a big issue. We need to be able to tell if something is plugged in, so that we can diagnose wiring issues properly. We would like to have speeds shown as well, 100F, 10H etc.

While troubleshooting a customer right now, there was nothing showing in the Device List though they claimed something was plugged in. If this section is really DHCP leases, it should be renamed to be that. If someone has a static IP assigned, it probably wouldn’t show up in this Device List, though it is connected!

I also think that Bundled Address List is a poor name for the DHCP reservation section in the LAN settings. There are a number of other usability feature requests that would be great to see incorporated into the next CPE firmware update. There are a couple of threads in here to check out, like adding the Nickname field to the HTML page title so it shows in the title of the tab in a web browser.

Thanks for considering,


+1 for this, and +1 for VLAN Options


Mark another Org that would really like to see ethernet statistics and mainly Negotiation levels for cable diagnostics


+1 for ethernet status including negotiated rate/duplex