New Firmware 3.3.14 breaks LGW! 30-May-2020

New firmware breaks LGW!

So we installed the new firmware this weekend. We use LGW bound to vlan10 to push public addresses out to the customers. On the new firmware your routing table attempts to send traffic out the 10.x bound to eth2 instead of the 66.x bound to eth2.10…

You need to fix this before you shut down the old PLMN ID… We have moved back to the old firmware so we can keep the public addresses working for our customers.

Here is the second image of the new firmware… For whatever bullshit reason my old account here no longer works and I had to make a new account… Your rules will not let me post two images at one time as a new user :angry:


I have the old 2.4.1 firmware connecting to the new MME and running the new PLMN ID 314030… My problem is solved for the short term…

Can you show the LGW page? Did you bind LGW to the correct VLAN interface?

LGW is bound to VLAN10 same as it is under the 2.4.1 firmware… I am not installing the new firmware just to take a screenshot.

Spin up a test unit on the bench set LGW to a vlan I am sure it dont matter what one but if you want to match my scenario exactly I use vlan10 as it is our customers public network.
update the firmware and test…

You can access any host that is in the sub net of the address you are assigned but nothing outside that scope… for example my address right now is I have a radio repeater at If I upgrade the software on the ENB I am connected to I can contact the radio repeater at I can log into the mikrotik at but I have no route to… If I downgrade the firmware back to 2.4.1 everything works fine…

Is the wan port is bound to vlan10. can i have a look for page of the wan port?