No user data with LGW on

Hello. My company is new to LTE, and we’re trying to use our own ePC, but when comparing against CloudCore, we were getting better performance with CloudCore+LGW than we got with our own ePC handling both user and control data. We would like to use LGW, but once it’s enabled, all CPEs lose their internet connection. Initiating a ping from a CPE to a server online and sniffing packets from the eNB’s WAN port shows both the request and the response, but the packets never arrive at the CPE. We’ve tried with the eNB in both NAT and bridge mode. Would this be a problem on the eNB, with the information supplied to the CPE by the ePC, or could it be somewhere else? We are using a Nova 436Q.

Thank you!

Please open a ticket by emailing

I have already done so. The representative told me he would have to escalate the case to the Global team and they would get back to me next week. I was hoping someone here might have some ideas I could try before the weekend.

What CPEs are you using?

Baicells ID06 and Google Pixel 4

If you had your own core previously and it worked. Were you using your own Public IP’s during that time as well? Once you switch to the cloud core, I believe you loose that ability. So, you would then need to NAT that block of IP’s that the EnB is handing out to the UE’s…

No, our ePC does NAT as well. Currently the ePC and eNB are on the same LAN with one WAN IP. With LGW off, all the UEs have data. When LGW is turned on, they all lose data.

I’ve never used LGW because we have our own core. But, it’s my understanding that when turned on, your core is no longer used for data traversal. I’m not sure how your network is configured. But, Your ip addresses that your core is handing out, would no longer go through your core. Thus, you would need to find a way to NAT them elsewhere as well as take a new path to the Internet. Your core doesn’t function like a router typically, and your assigned IP addresses don’t “live” on your UE. They live on the Core.