OMC Device Management, no eNB's shown


I think they have already been added, but they do not show up in the list of Devices under System>Device Management.

When I try to add the 4 serial numbers, it says they’re already there. When I export, there is nothing in the list.

eNB Monitor section also shows 0 items.

How can I fix this?



I made myself an Admin and can now see all the devices.

I guess it has something to do with who creates which Device Group.

I’m sure I’ll get the standard “set it up however you want,” but what is the Device Group meant to be? Is that like a whole network division, or a tower division, or an eNB division?

We’d like to be able to drill down to any tower or eNB by using the CPE Monitor, but at this point you can only sort by the Cell Name column, and can’t filter by it.