OMC Server Maintenance Announcement - February 21, 2019 @ 12:00am Pacific

The OMC database servers will undergo maintenance on February 21, 2019 at midnight PST. Maintenance window is expected to last 20 minutes and the OMC will not be accessible during this time. This maintenance will have no impact on UE or eNB connectivity to the Cloud EPC.

Can we get an update on this maintenance? I am still seeing impacts 8 hours past the 20min maintenance window. Multiple ENB are showing inactive in OMC. Monitoring data has been lost for well over the 20min of expected downtime.

We have received similar reports recently on a number of eNBs incorrectly displaying the status as Inactive since the server maintenance early this morning. This issue is currently being investigated.

Looks to be a data sync issue with some eNBs. This can be resolved from eNB Monitor page by performing a re-synchronization (Operation>More>Synchronize).