Simultaneous Logins CPE

Greetings Baicells Folks!
One thing I would love to see implemented would be the ability to have multiple logins to a CPE at the same time.

It would make training new field techs much easier when they fly solo on site and to be able to be logged into the radio at the same time as they are via the WiFi on the radio and watching would be outstanding.

Not sure exactly how “watching” would be implemented, but we will certainly add multi-user simultaneous login to the feature request list. Thanks much for the feedback!

Apologies. I was, as always in a hurry and quickly pounded that out on the keyboard.

To be more specific, I am looking forward to multi-user on a CPE.
How I would like to use that, would be that I can watch the signal levels on the radio while on the ground while the tech in training aligns the radio.

That way I can verify what they are seeing, and provide feedback to the tech on what they should be looking for, or what they should be seeing. et.

Thank you sir!