Spare parts for Atom


Does anyone know if there are spare parts available?

As time goes on, we will need screws, mounting brackets, glands (even just some of the parts like washers), etc.

Today I need a screw. I have unit from factory with an abused screw holding the SIM window on. It came like this or had some experience before it arrived here. Sourcing parts locally is a challenge.



We have owned a computer repair business for over 30 years. We have buckets of different sized screws collected from stripped down laptops, desktops and monitors, that come in handy when we need to replace a stripped or lost screw.


Yes, those are always handy, but if it’s -20 and an installer drops a gasket, allen screw, gland or thick water seal, it’s more efficient to go to a parts bin and take the part you need rather than digging for parts or making something up.

Eventually someone will lose something and rather than have a useless radio or something patched together with duct tape and hose clamps, I’d rather have it done right.