Adding users to the CloudCore

Is this not possible at this time? If not, when might we be able to do this ourselves?

Yes, you can add users in System/User Management.

Where do I do this? Should there be a “+Add” in the top right of the header of the User div?

I don’t get that option on either of the groups, and I’m logged in as the base admin user.

You can add user by click button CloudCore->Users->Add User.

Then they can chose the User group created in OMC or BOSS. CloudCore is to manage users of the two system BOSS&OMC. the privilege could be set separately.

Got it! Didn’t realize that was a link up there!
Thanks Rick

Since CloudCore has been updated, there is no “add user” in the User Management area. I have also lost the ability to edit current users. Please update these instructions?