CloudCore Upgrade Announcement - January 23, 2017 @ 12:00am Pacific

Our CloudCore frontend and OMC servers will be down for about an hour on January 23, 2017, 12:00am Pacific for a scheduled upgrade. Please note that the EPC will not be affected during the upgrade. Many of the features and pages which have been available to admins will now be available to operator accounts. The following features are being added as part of the upgrade:

  • Open access to eNB and CPE upgrade page.
  • Open access to eNB and CPE reboot page.
  • Open access to eNB logs page.
  • Open access to Alarms Query page.
  • Enhance PCI lock feature.
  • Add Cell Name and Cell ID parameter to CPE monitor page.
  • Improved OMC+BOSS Redundancy. Specifically, an additional application server and load balancer is being added.
  • Improvements made to user and device management page. You can now specify what pages are available to other user accounts.
  • Forgot password function.

For those not aware, we have a new URL for accessing CloudCore which includes both the OMC and BOSS. The databases for OMC and BOSS have been synced and CloudCore is the new frontend management console to manage both applications.

CloudCore URL:

Thanks for the update, looking good, now we just need some functionality instead of just having “Access” to the first 4 items.

With access comes functionality. :slight_smile:

Are there any specific functions you are looking for?

eNB Logs, and Alarms (everything is up to date with firmware already).

  • Some way to see when and if links are dropping (I know my worst signal SM is not staying connected 100% of the time)
  • Alarms, what exactly does this do? Am I able to have it notify me (via email) that a specific business level client goes offline for example? Or if the eNB suddenly has a low number of clients connected.

At this point I just have to regularly log into my eNB to make sure all 8 of my clients are connected.

I agree, having the alarms send and alert would be HUGE! Today’s issues are a great example of why we need this.