CloudCore OMC Upgrade Announcement - May 26, 2017 @ 12:00am Pacific

The OMC and System section of CloudCore is being upgraded this midnight PST. Downtime is expected to last 1 hour.


Version OMC V1R2C00B021
New Features:
- Added: eNB/CPE monitor page - Each column can be sorted and column display can be customized.
- Added: eNB monitor page - Display CPEs connected to eNB.
- Added: eNB monitor page - Optimized eNB settings form to display actual frequency.
- Added: CPE monitor page - Add history function to display CPE online and offline events.
- Added: CPE monitor page - Add filter function.
- Added: Alarm query page - Add ability to delete alarms in history tab.
- Added: CPE CloudKey is now supported. If CloudKey parameter is set on the CPE, it will automatically be assigned to the operator's OMC account. 
- Added: Email notifications.
- Added: Notification display when new software is uploaded to the OMC.
- Added: Users cannot change password to be the same as the previous password.
- Added: New Security Rule page to control which IPs user can login from.

- Improved: Rearranged columns on Alarm query page.
- Improved: Optimized CPE onboarding procedure and modify code to convert all lowercase letters to uppercase letters when entering CPE MAC address.