OMC Upgrade Announcement - July 13, 2017 @ 12:00am Pacific


The OMC section of CloudCore is being upgraded this Thursday, midnight PST. Downtime is expected to last 1 hour.


Version OMC V1R2C00B031
New Features:
- Added: eNB monitor page - Display MME Pool status.
- Added: CPE monitor page - Merge the IDU and ODU tab into a single page.
- Added: CPE monitor page - Display CPE model field.
- Added: CPE monitor page - Add history button to display historical charts for key metrics (maximum period set to 6 hours).
- Added: CPE monitor page - Search for CPE by IP address.
- Added: CPE monitor page - Can sort CPEs by CPE Name.
- Added: Alarm query page - Search for alarms by eNB serial number or cell name.
- Added: Alarm query page - Add delete option to right-click menu.
- Added: Alarm notification buttons will send you to the alarm query page instead of a dialog box.
- Added: Modify Alarm section to contain one root page (Query) and three sub-pages (Basic, Library, and Notification) under the Settings sub-section.

- Improved: OMC GUI is optimization for screen resolutions less than 1366*768.
- Improved: Change menu path for devices page from System->Device Management->Devices to System->Devices.


All of these are great improvements! There’s one new feature that I can’t seem to locate–the delete option in right-click menu. It doesn’t seem to be there, even for the main Admin account.