CloudCore OMC Upgrade Announcement - March 30, 2017 @ 12:00am Pacific


The OMC and System section of CloudCore is being upgraded this midnight PST.


Version OMC V1R1C00B141
New Features:
- Added: eNB monitor page - Add uptime field to export list
- Added: CPE monitor page - Add LGW IP address field 
- Added: CPE monitor page - Add software version to export list
- Added: Display last connection time for offline eNB and CPE
- Added: Support indoor CPE
- Added: Time zone configuration
- Added: Alarm will generate if duplicate Cell IDs are detected

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Task results cannot be exported from Patch Upgrade page
- Fixed: Event time of certain alarms not displaying correctly
- Fixed: Order of device list will change if monitor page is refreshed multiple times
- Fixed: Active alarms cannot be cleared manually

- Improved: Alarm setting and alarm query page

Version CloudCore B140
New Features:
- Added: New menu "System->Operator Info" to support modification of operator info and time zone
- Added: Export function for System->Logs page

- Improved: Statistics displayed on Operator and Users page
- Improved: Modify rules for email verification process