CloudCore OMC Upgrade Announcement - April 20, 2017 @ 12:00am Pacific


The OMC and System section of CloudCore is being upgraded this midnight PST. Now that duplicate replications of the OMC exist in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, only one OMC instance will be upgraded at a time. Operators can expect no downtime because of the replication. Each upgrade should last less than 30 minutes.

Version OMC: BaiOMC_V100R001C00B142

New Features:


Bug Fixes

1)-Fix the risk that CPU would be overload on mysql server when many customers do querying history alarm at the same time.
2)-Fix the query parameters thread can not stop sending command to CPE if CPE returns 'Fault' message.
3)-Fix the collection task will stay in the state of "collecting" if eNB returns 'Fault' message.
4)-Fix the bug alarm synchronization data can not be deleted in redis, which would cause using more memory.