B41 Nova R9 -15MHz Channel Bandwidth


Hi Baicell,
We are preparing to deploy our first B41 system. The channel bandwidths are limited to 10 or 20MHz. The way the FCC allocated EBS in the US does not align well within these limits. It would be more efficient if there was an option for 15Mhz (technically 16.5Mhz) so that a deployment could use the contagious EBS blocks 1-3.

That would make for a more efficient use of the available spectrum.


We are developing 15Mhz channel support now and it expected sometime early 2018. 16.5Mhz is not part of the LTE standard for channel width so that won’t work.



Thanks Cameron, that would be a great update.

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Same here, lots of Operators in Africa have 15MHz Allocations (older WiMAX Allocations for 3x5Mhz adjacent).
Really looking forward…