Presales Questions


Are you trying to decide whether to invest in Baicells LTE equipment? Have questions to ask before you make your decision? This is the place to do it.


Wondering what the maximum number of UEs on an eNodeB is thus far, and how that is working?

Also, are there any 10w band 41 eNodeBs in the wild yet??

Thanks in Advance,

Jeremy Grip
North Branch Networks


I believe someone posted on the Baicells Operators Facebook page today that they had 50 UEs on an eNB without any problem so far.

There are some 10w Band 41 units in the field under a trial operator agreement. We can currently only do 10 and 20 MHz channels, which is a problem we have recognized and should be coming out in a future firmware release soon.


Is L2 bridging available yet? If not, what is the ETA?



We will begin testing the Layer 2 firmware this week with several operators, then will add another 20 operators for a two week test. It should be available for full scale use the first week in February, assuming all testing goes well.


Any results from this? Is true L2 available now?