Baicells Billing Options Starting June1, 2022

Starting June 1, 2022, two billing changes will go into effect: 1) transition to a new CloudCore subscription pricing model and 2) an integrated billing option for network SAS support. These changes offer potential cost savings and simplified billing.

  1. CloudCore Subscriptions – pricing structure updates:

· The monthly subscription fee will change from the current one US Dollar ($1) per IMSI (SIM card) to one US Dollar ($1) per connected device.

· A qualifying device would be any type of eNodeB (eNB) or Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) element that is connected to the Cloud OMC for at least seven (7) days.

· Your monthly bill will continue to be the standard postpaid schedule, i.e., your current bill reflects the usage from the prior month.

  1. Integrated SAS Billing - will be offered as an optional add-on line item to the monthly CloudCore bill. The option offers you a single bill to track and pay both CloudCore and SAS fees. Highlights:

· This billing option can be added at any time.

· Applicable to Fixed Wireless Networks using Google SAS only

· The SAS fee will be $3 per qualifying CPE CPSD

· A qualifying CPE CBSD is one that is connected to the SAS for 24 hours

· Integrated billing for Federated Wireless SAS is targeted for Q3 2022 availability – a separate announcement will be sent prior.

The above items will apply starting Wednesday, June 1st .

For questions on the above or how these updates may impact your specific projects, please contact your local Baicells account manager.