Baicells CloudCore Billing to start on August 1st, 2018

Starting on August 1st, 2018, monthly billing for use of CloudCore (EPC+OMC+BOSS) services will commence. These services will be invoiced at a rate of $1.00 per subscriber (SIM) per month. Monthly invoices will be generated on the 1st of each month and are based on the total number of subscribers (SIMs) shown as “active” in BOSS. For billing purposes, an “active” SIM is defined as a SIM that has been “active” for 3 or more days of the monthly billing period.

Invoices will be sent to the email address associated with each operator’s account; that email address can be viewed and confirmed from the Operator Info page of the CloudCore web portal. A link to pay the invoice by credit card will be included in the e-mail invoice.
A test billing will be performed on July 1st with invoices being generated at a rate of $0.00 per subscriber per month. This test billing will count all active SIMs for the month, regardless of how long they have been active. This will allow further testing of our billing system in a live environment. No payment is required for the invoice received on July 1st.


  1. What is this monthly charge for?
    The charges are for use of CloudCore (EPC+OMC+BOSS) system services.

  2. When will it start?
    Actual billing will start on August 1st, for Cloudcore services for the month of July. A “test invoice” will be sent on July 1st as part of ongoing testing of the billing process. No payment will be required for this July invoice.

  3. How is it calculated?
    The charge for CloudCore usage is $1.00/active SIM/month.

  4. What defines a “billable” SIM?
    Any SIM that has been “active” in BOSS during 3 or more days of the monthly billing period is defined as billable.

  5. What is the length of the billing period?
    The billing period is one month, with an invoice generated on the first day of the month for the previous month’s services, i.e., the invoice for the period of September 1st thru September 30th will be sent on October 1st.

  6. Do I pay differently dependent on the type of subscriber device/CPE?
    No, billing is based on number of active SIMs, not type of subscriber device in use.

  7. Does usage per SIM/device affect how much I pay?
    No, usage does not affect the per SIM charge.

  8. Do I pay differently if I am using HaloB?
    No, use of HaloB does not affect the per SIM charge.

  9. Is there any kind of “quantity discount” based on number of subscriber devices, number of base stations, etc?
    Not at this time.


  1. How and when will I receive my monthly invoice?
    Invoices are sent via e-mail on the 1st of the month for the previous month’s services. The email used will be the email address associated with your Cloudcore account, as shown on the Operator Info page.

  2. Can I have a separate email just for receiving my invoice?
    Not at this time, however we do plan to provide that option in the future.

  3. I received an invoice on July 1st for $0.00…?
    The July 1st billing is for test purposes only, and no payment is required.

  4. When is my payment due?
    Payment is due within 10 days of the date of the invoice.

  5. What payment methods may be used?
    At this time credit card payment is the only means of payment. Other payment methods, such as e-check, will be implemented in the future.

  6. Can I set up auto-pay for my invoice?
    Not at this time, however we do expect to implement this feature in the future.

  7. Can I mail a check rather than paying online?
    Only electronic payment methods, as discussed above, may be used for paying the invoice.

  8. What do I do if I feel there is an error in my invoice?
    Please send an inquiry to and we will investigate the issue.