CloudCore Billing to Resume July 1st, 2020

For the past several months Baicells has suspended costs associated with Baicells CloudCore platform in response to the growing pandemic. CloudCore billing will resume on July 1st, 2020, as we see a shift to normalcy with areas starting to reopen to the general public. We understand that the virus is far from over, however, we are adapting alongside changing events.

Despite the challenges that arose due to this global event, Baicells is happy to report that we have been able to see our operators continue to grow their networks as base station sales continue to rise. We have built several relationships with school districts to help connect their communities and we have joined the Internet Society to encourage the growth of global connectivity.

With CBRS just over the horizon, we are finalizing the certification of eNBs and UEs. We recently announced that during certification, some of our products had resulted in lower Max EIRP Power than we would have expected. We are working with all haste to rectify this issue through re-certification.

Lastly, as we begin to see the country re-open we would like to encourage safety being everyone’s top priority. We are excited to begin moving forward once again, but we do not want to ignore the dangers that are present.

Thank you to everyone who continued to deliver connectivity despite the present hardships. Your work is appreciated by all.