CloudCore Auto Bill Pay Feature

Wednesday, December 18th, the Baicells CloudCore was updated. This update was announced in our community forum and on our Facebook Operator Support Group. Unfortunately, the announcement was missed by some of our customers. For that we apologize. Several key features were added to the CloudCore, including CBRS SAS functionality and also a much asked for feature of Auto Bill Pay. Here is a link to the OMC & BOSS Changelog and upgrade announcement. Cloud OMC/BOSS Upgrade Announcement - December 18, 2019 @ 12:00am Pacific.

Auto Bill Pay allows customers to enter a credit card number into the CloudCore interface to automatically pay their monthly Cloudcore active SIM card invoices. By default, this feature is turned on for all customers. When an operator logs in the first time, they need to read and accept the Auto Bill Pay Terms and Conditions. Once this has been done, the operator is forwarded to a page where their credit card information can be entered. This information needs to be entered in order to proceed into CloudCore.

If operators do not wish to pay their invoices automatically by credit card, the feature can be turned off. However, they are asked to send an email to to request Auto Bill Pay be turned off. Support will in turn work with sales and accounting to approve this request.