BaiTip of the Day - May 31st, 2017 - Getting Started with Baicells


With Baicells customers increasing on daily basis, I felt that it was a good idea to post a BaiTip on getting started. Baicells is essentially “plug and play” equipment. Many common startup problems evolve from the operator making too many changes at startup. Keep it simple to start with and tweak settings later after the system is live. If you have any trouble contact support at the email address below. User and Installation Guides can be downloaded at

Other excellent resources are our Facebook Baicells Operators Support Group and our Baicells Community Forum.

Please follow the steps below to sign up for the CloudCore access account. If you have any questions, please email
How to sign up (operator)

1. Enter the url to go to cloudcore home page, click the [Sign up] button. (note red box in the graphic above).

2. Fill out the mandatory information, then click the [Sign up] button.

3. You will receive an E-mail from CloudCore, your login account user name is your email. You will then need to click the active url to complete the authentication.

4. The account is actived, click [return home] to go back to the CloudCore home page.

5. Login the CloudCore with user name (email), and password you entered when you signed up.

After signing up for the account, here are the steps for setting up eNB for CloudCore.

Setting up eNB for CloudCore

Steps for Customer:

1. Directly connect the base station’s DATA port to a network routed to the Internet. The base station DATA interface is set to DHCP client by default.

2. (Optional) Plug a computer directly to the MGMT port. The default IP address for the MGMT interface is You will need to assign a static IP address on your computer within MGMT subnet.

3. Log into the base station web GUI from either the DATA or MGMT interface IP. (e.g.

4. (Optional) Configure network settings if necessary, under Network Settings->Network Interface.

5. Configure base station to connect to Baicells Cloud OMC.

  **a)** Navigate to the Network Management Settings page: BTS Settings -> Network Management Settings

  **b)** Enter into “Network Management IP” and then click save.

Once you have signed up for the CloudCore, Baicells Support will add your SIM card IMSI numbers into your BOSS account. You can then activate them. Please email your sim cards IMSI numbers to Some distributors send these at the time of purchase.

To activate the SIM cards, operators follow the following steps:

  1. Log into CloudCore

  2. Click “BOSS” at the top left.

  3. Click “Subscriber” on the left menu.

  4. Click “New” to add a new subscriber.

  5. Enter subscriber info and click on the search icon in the SIM card field.

  6. Select the respective IMSI number.

  7. Click save to add a new subscriber and activate the SIM card.

Once sim cards are activated and your base station is in “Active” state, all that should be required for UE connectivity is to insert the SIM card into your UE before powering on. The UE will then automatically scan for and associate with your base station.