BaiTip of the Day - December 19th, 2016 - New Customers BaiOMC: Setting Up an Account


The BaiOMC (or CloudCore) is our cloud management console. This is where operators manage, monitor, and onboard new base stations and CPEs. If an operator does not yet have an account, they can go to the CloudCore page, fill out the form at the bottom and click the “Submit” link.

An IPsec tunnel is by default enabled and configured to connect to our cloud EPC. As you may know, an EPC is required for the LTE architecture and as such, we provide a cloud-based EPC to simplify the installation and configuration of new base stations. Essentially, they become plug-and-play with this setup. When the eNodeB has Internet plugged into the WAN port (DHCP client by default) and the base station is powered on, it will automatically connect to the cloud EPC by IPsec and become Active and ready to serve clients.

The CPEs will require SIM cards, which are purchased separately. Before the SIM cards can be used, they must first be added to their operator account and be activated. All new SIM card numbers (IMSI) should be sent to with the name of the operator so that we can add the SIM cards to the operator account. Once the SIM cards are added, the operator can activate the SIM cards themselves from CloudCore.

To activate the SIM cards, operators would follow the following steps:

  1. Log into CloudCore
  2. Click “BOSS” at the top left.
  3. Click “Subscriber” on the left menu.
  4. Click “New” to add a new subscriber.
  5. Enter subscriber info and click on the search icon in the SIM card field.
  6. Select the respective IMSI number.
  7. Click save to add a new subscriber and activate the SIM card.

More enhancements to BaiBOSS and BaiOMC will become available upon the next release.


I’m unable to sign up because my email address is too long.


Thanks for the bug report Edwin. Don’t you already have an OMC login? That login will work on the cloudcore page as well.



Well, in fact I goofed and got a wrong character in the Operator field so
go ahead and blow that away. That said, when I log in with my other
account, I don’t see the BOSS tab at the top.

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I did the same thing with Operator Field and put a space between the two names and noticed on the OMC that it is all together. Can you reset mine also.
email is


Arty Allmond
Kloud Konnect