BOSS Sim Replacement Function


In order for you to swap a SIM card on an existing SIM/Customer entry, you only have the ability to choose ‘Available’ SIM cards.

There is no way to change the status of unused SIM cards to Available, as they all begin as Active.

So really, this function is pretty useless until the SIMs start as being Available, or we can change their status to Available, or the function allows Deactivated SIMs to be chosen from the new SIM card list (this seems like the best solution). I was able to call into support, and remove one SIM from my account, then they re-added the SIM with status Available. This then allowed me to select that SIM, but I would rather not have to call in each time to use this built-in reassign function.

If a unit needs to be replaced currently, I think what must be done is to re-name the old sim card to ‘blank’ and take the rate plan off, then find the new SIM, rename it, and give it a rate group. Lots of steps here, and I still need to update the OMC.

Thanks for considering,