CINR fluctuation Question


I logged into BaiOMC after reading your Tip email and noticed that CINR1 was at a 14 and CINR2 is a 22. Refreshed and CINR 1 was 17 CINR2 was 23, Refresh again CINR1 22 CINR2 23. Wait 10 Min refresh and CINR1 is 12 CINR2 22.


I changed Frequencies and rebooted now everything looks good. 24/25 CINRS and steady.


Sounds like you may have had some interference Terry. Is that what you deduced?


Yes sir that would be it. Thanks to your tip of the day I found the CINR mismatch and thanks to the webcast reminding me that I have to reboot for saved changes to take affect I was able to fix it right away. Its at a steady 24/25. Thanks again for your support. You guys are great.