Nova 246 on low frequency Band 41

Hello. I have a strange issue with my Nova 246s. This persists no matter the Firmware version (3.5.5, 3.6.6, 3.6.7) or model of MiFi, Indoor CPE, outdoor CPE or Firmware/Module Firmware on those units. I have 4 243s using 20 MHZ (ABAB 10 Mhz each set) that work perfectly fine. My 20mhz block is 2496-2516. When I try and use any of those frequencies, at or below 2524, CPE’s have a very hard time connecting and when they do they claim they are connected to a PCI number I did not set (62 every time) and they are up at frequency 2680, but though testing they are indeed connecting to my eNb. When I move the 246 up into a higher range like 2544 the CPEs will connect with nice low latency but surprisingly low bandwidth, the bandwidth getting better the high I go but never exceeding around 20mb. I have tested the 246s both near and 15 miles away from my current deployment and the issue persists so it is not an interference issue. I have set up the 243s in the same place under the same conditions with no issue.

I have troubleshot everything I can think and worked multiple days with Baicells support. It seems to me that these units are having an issue with using these lower frequencies and an issue using band 41 in general. Has anyone experienced these problems with the Nova 246?

For anyone that runs into this: The 246 is a duel cell model. Even though the license was removed to turn off the second sell, it was still on, causing interference with the cell that I could access. Baicells is still working out why this is happening but for the time being, we have disabled RF in the second cell.