BaiBLN 3.0.12 - New software for Nova 846 has been released!

New BaiBLN 3.0.12 software for Nova 846 has been released. This version is a major milestone for us which merges the Layer 2 (MAC) code which is now shared across multiple 4G radio platforms (Qualcomm and NXP-based hardware). Any updates going forward which are related to L2 and above code will now apply to all platforms.

Supported Hardware:

  • Nova 846 (8x5W Outdoor eNB | sBS71010, sBS71040)

:warning: NOTICE: MIDDLE UPGRADE IS REQUIRED. Previous software configuration is not fully supported in the new release. If upgrading from software BaiBU_DNB4_2.4.7 or older, you will need to upgrade to middle release version BaiBU_DNB4_2.4.9 first.

Middle Upgrade:
Software Download: BaiBU_DNB4_2.4.9.IMG
Target Upgrade:
Software Download: BaiBLN_3.0.12.IMG


Version BaiBLN 3.0.12

New Features:  
- Added: Direct SAS (single carrier-only)
- Added: PCI conflict alarm generated when same PCI + EARFCN is detected in neighbor cell table
- Added: Support additional KPIs (KPI-A: RRC / PDCP / MAC / RRU)

- Improved: PLMN can be configured from the OMC
- Improved: LGW + 256QAM config can reach peak data rate
- Improved: After S1 is disconnected several times, the cell cannot be activated again
- Improved: Default DNS servers when in Manual mode is and
- Improved: Upgrade checkbox to keep setings has been renamed to "Preserve Settings"
- Improved: Standalone country code has been renamed to "Direct SAS"
- Improved: Software version in webGUI displays incorrectly

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: When Cell1 is deactivated, Cell2 will also become deactivated after S1 connection is restored
- Fixed: In Dual-carrier mode, reset the eNB, and the cell unavailability alarm will not auto recover
- Fixed: In Dual-carrier mode, the Bandwidth of Cell2 cannot be flexibly configured
- Fixed: IKE Authentication and ESP authentication are set to sha256_96 but does not take effect
- Fixed: Dynamic memory of the base station leaks after UE reconstruction
- Fixed: Values of DLCQI and DLMCS for CELL2 in UE Status table does not auto refresh
- Fixed: After config reset, webGUI will not automatically jump to the login page
- Fixed: webGUI is compatible with Safari browser
- Fixed: Federated Wireless is missing from SAS Server dropdown list
- Fixed: eNB status stuck on "Building S1" after upgrade when HaloB and SAS are enabled