CM11's Keep Loosing Internet

Is anyone else having problems with the new CAT6 CM11’s? We keep having the radios randomly drop the internet connection and drop off the Cloud Core, however the radio is staying connected to the eNB. When the CPE is power cycled, it will come back online for a period of time. This is only happening with the new CAT6 M11’s, all other radios on the eNB remain operational as normal.

yes, yes, and yes…

We are seeing this quite a bit as well with both the ODO4 Gen 2’s and Gen 1’s. We originally thought it was just a gen 1 issue, but after replacing them with Gen 2’s the problem continues. We have tried different SIM cards as well. The CPE stays connected to the base station, but shows offline in the core. Were you able to find a solution to this?

I’ve been having the same issue and cant seem to figure out this issue either.