Distance Restriction

What is the distance restriction on the eNB at this time?


Currently it is somewhere between 6 and 7 miles. However, we are getting very close to achieving expanded range. The technical team is working with at least one operator who is testing new settings. Once that is deemed successful, we will give others the instructions to enable expanded range.

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Nice thank you.

With the default settings, I was able to get about 6.2 Miles (10km) I tweaked the Zero Correlation Zone Config setting from 10 to 12 in the LTE Settings under Random Access Parameters and was then able to get 7.3 miles (11.8km) but haven’t tested further than that.

This tweak was posted on the Facebook page, and if I was going to get my customers converted from my rebooting PMP320 Access Point, I had to at least try it.

I’m sure there is more to it, and a reason it is on 10 by default.


We have already asked the engineering team to move the ZCZC setting to 12 as a default on future firmware builds. I’m not sure we know why 10 was selected.

Good to know it shouldn’t cause an issue, any idea how much further it will work than the 7.3 Miles I got. Also, is there an absolute theoretical max?

I understand BaiCells is trying to make things as Plug & Play as possible. It’s especially nice having to change nothing on the SM’s themselves to get them to connect.

FYI, max theoretical distance is 14 km after changing ZCZC to 12. The bottleneck at this point is the Preamble Format parameter. We are working with Intel on this as this parameter is locked at the chipset level. Support for greater distances will come early 2017.

Any idea what distances we might expect?

I need 18-20 miles, Huawei said they could do this for us, before we decided to go with other LTE manufactures, by increasing the TX/RX gap, we could get up to 18-20mi, at no more than 20% sacrifice in throughput capacity

20Km would be good for us, but we have dense tree cover so don’t expect to reach that distance too often.

Is it early 2017 yet? :slight_smile:

Is this all talking about the 1W version of the NOVA R9 ? Which antennas and CPE units?

From my understanding it is a software limitation on the chipset inside the eNB. Once changed, it will provide increased distance for all connections. I would assume that the 10W has the same chipset. Maybe Baicells can comment on that.

It won’t be magic though. Regardless of the power of the eNB or the CPE/Antenna combination, if you don’t have the signal, it won’t help.

OK, a more direct question to Rick Harnish.
One the system experimenting with range to 7.3 miles, what is the actual equipment being used? Talking about software and various settings does not help if the actual equipment is not included in the discussion. We are starting up and are looking at LTE via Baicells technology, but we really need to have a good idea of what the expected range of a 1 watt unit will be. Thanks, Al

Right now, 9 miles/14 kilometers is the theoretical Max distance. Read BaiTip of the Day - December 14th, 2016 - Increasing Distance. This is with either the 1W or 10W.

I think we are looking for more specifics. IE… can we reach 9 miles/14km with a 1 watt unit connected to an omni and an 11db CPE with good LOS?

If some exacts were provided with some of the info it would help us with design and planning.

Omni + 11 db Atom…9 miles? I imagine in certain circumstances with a low noise floor and absolute clear line of sight, it may work. It wouldn’t be our recommended solution for a distance that far, but try it. I would rather see a sector and a 19.5 db Atom or a reflector dish on the Atom. Until you know the baseline RSRP/CINR, none of us will know.

I just corresponded with an operator who set the special sub frame at 5 and adjusted the zero config to 15. He was able to connect at 17.6 miles and achieved throughput of up to 20 Mb per second download and 2 Mb per second upload. This was done with clear line of sight. It may not work for everyone, but it did for this operator.