eNB Watchdog Timer



I think it is safe to say that none of our businesses are perfect and that we all make mistakes. With that being said I’ve encountered a number of times when I’ve had a backhaul issue upstream to the eNB that gets fixed after a short bit of downtime. This downtime naturally takes the eNB out of an Active status to Inactive since it cannot communicate with the core. When the upstream issue gets fixed I find almost every time the eNB’s do not go back to Active until they get a reboot because of what I assume is the eNB stops trying after so many failures. What I think would be ideal is an eNB watchdog set to the HSS/MME to resolve this, As it is right now there has been a couple of times that after dealing with the backhaul repairs I’ve forgotten to make sure to go to every eNB behind the fixed issue and reboot them which has sometimes extended those customer’s outage by 30 minutes or more.

Thanks for the consideration