November 18 EPC upgrade - POSTPONED to Tuesday 11/29 @ 1 AM Central

Hi All, on November 18, in addition to the firmware upgrade for all remaining live eNBs, we will be upgrading the EPC to fix the following identified bugs.

  • 4287 - The eNB won’t activate even though IPSEC is ready, the EPC recognizes the x.x.x.255 ipsec address as the broadcasting address and rejects the SCTP setup

  • 4279 - Some users drop and won’t reconnect until the eNB restarts; not root caused, add debug info

  • 4317 - HSS has lost connection with the database and has not recovered after 2 hours.

  • 4590 - The MME detachment timer is set too short, too many MMEs initiated detachment in the EPC statistics.

Great news. Do we know an estimated time? Would be great if it was early morning hours overnight tonight.

Haven’t seen the update on our gear… any additional information?

EPC upgrade has been further postponed due to the recent reboot issues of the UE/CPEs. The upgrade will now commence tonight at 1:00 am Central, on 11/29. This upgrade is expected to last a couple hours and clients will disconnect during this upgrade time period. Thank you for your patience and understanding.