I Broke My 436Q - Factory Reset Options

After changing some network settings I’m unable to get into the management interface (My fault, but that’s how you learn). The device pings but I get “Bad Gateway - The process did not produce any response” when trying to log into the web interface.

Is there a factory default procedure, this seems bleak not seeing any docs/postings regarding this.

Can the Nova 436Q be reset by the end user without technical support. Is there layer 2 management access somehow because I’m pretty sure it’s an IP network config issue.

Thank You

Since you said you could ping the 436Q, you know the IP address it is set to. Set the IP address of your PC to the same address + 1 (e.g. if your 436Q is at, set your PC to and plug a direct cable between the 2 devices. Log into your 436Q and check the gateway, IP mask, and IP address.

If you don’t know your login, BiaCell tech support will need to help you. You can connect the PC to the 436Q as described above and then connect your PC to your Wi-Fi. Then use TeamViewer or similar to let tech support reach your PC and thus the 436Q.

I hope that helps.

Thank you for the info. I was able to get to the login screen by directly plugging into the 436Q and use the default network 192.168.150

I had entered the static IP info correctly and the “fix” was to use the reboot procedure in the 436Q interface and then reconnect to the network. A power cycle did not work for me, kept getting the “Bad Gateway - The process did not produce any response” error on both the static I used and the default network.

Thanks again