NOVA436Q Cell status inactive

Hi there,

I’m trying to activate Nova436Q’s Cell Status to active.
But it always inactive.

It’s under BTS Info > Basic Info > Status Info > Cell Status path.

How can I do that? What equipment or parameter do I need?

Hi c_C -

It doesn’t look like you ever received a response, here. I would imagine you opened a case with support and are up and running now. If this isn’t the case, I would make sure the RF is set to enable in the eNB, that you have GPS synchronization. Verify the RF is enabled in the OMC if using Cloud Core.
Lastly, if all those items are in good standing, This may be related to the SAS if enabled.

I am leaning towards the idea that your issue has been resolved already, but if not, definitely call tech support or email them at support