QRTB 2.5.4 - New eNB software has been released!

QRTB 2.5.4 for Nova 436Q and Neutrino 430 TDD base stations has been released. This version mainly adds support for QoS (from dedicated bearers) and introduces the QoS scheduler option. When QoS scheduler is selected, the traffic will be prioritized based on its QCI (QoS class identifier).

Supported Hardware:
Nova 436Q (4*1W eNB | mBS31001)
Neutrino 430 (4*250mW eNB | pBS31010)

Software Download: https://na.baicells.com/download/BaiBS_QRTB_2.5.4.IMG


Version BaiBS_QRTB_2.5.4

New Features:
- Added: Support dedicated bearers
- Added: Certificate-based authentication with IPsec
- Added: QoS Scheduler

- Improved: Allow upgrade from old release without requiring a middle upgrade    

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: eNB may reboot when using local EPC
- Fixed: IPsec left ID setting does not apply
- Fixed: Cancel is spelled wrong on certificate upload page