RSSI vs RSRP/RSRQ - UE Signal Level Threshold

Are there any good whitepapers discussing the differences and similarities of RSSI and RSRP (without getting overly technical)? I am diving into LTE headfirst and I am trying to get my head wrapped around what RSRP I should expect as an excellent signal, marginal signal, and weak signal. In the WiFi world we set our threshold based on RSSI and Signal Quality so I am trying to find a similar way to set our LTE thresholds.

I’m not sure about the whitepapers, unfortunately. This might help:

I’ll keep digging around on google to see if I can find a more substantial explanation.

@sonny.may was able to tell me that, based on test results, the CPE it can work well if its RSRP is less than -105.

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In our testing with a competing LTE product, we were seeing our best signals around -85, and worst around -125. Anything further outside of those margins would be kicked off or disconnecting too much, depending on if it was too hot or cold.