Verify NTP timing working

How do I verify that NTP timing is working correctly for the Neutrino-430 indoor enode B

Configure the 430 for PTP and multicast. You will see the synchronization status on the info page. Unicast support will be available soon.

I just saw this posting, apologies this went unanswered for quite a while.

Please notice the question is for NTP not PTP

I imagined that this was related to 1588v2 and Precision Timing Protocol since you can easily look at the status page and see the correct time if NTP working. You can also collect the logs and review the timestamps. If you see dates and times that are not current NTP is not working.

When I move the timing the radio stops transmitting. Any idea what is going on?

When you say “move the timing” that sounds like changing the server info. If I am correct, then it is just a matter of rebooting the node and letting NTP sync. If your meaning of “move the timing” is different, then more detail would be needed. I would suggest opening a case with the support team, they will ensure you’re up and running and will help you through any additional questions. Email and a case will be created.

I moved the timing from Free Running to NTP, interesting to see that it did not disable the transmit this time. I do also have a question about your statement earlier “select PTP and Multicast”. I did not see an option for multicast under timing. could you help me understand your comment?

Thanks for your help!

I understand, yes, in Free Running mode you would still have the ability to register CPE/UEs with the eNB. A word of caution, this mode is for a lab or bench environment. The eNB can not be deployed in this mode.
My comment was referencing the other options available in that pull-down to enable 1588v2 sync. You’re very welcome.

Thank you. To verify if the radio does not see a proper NTP or PTP timing signal (or any other mode for that matter), does the radio become inactive?


In general, the eNB would need a timing source, either GPS, or 1588v2, to sync and function within the LTE network. These are TDD eNBs and therefore rely on proper timing for TX and RX and the underlying scheduler of time slot allocation. NTP plays a part, but unless the radio is set to Free Running mode, not having synchronization will disable the RF, and subsequently not allow the CPE’ to register.

Thanks. Some of the dinner points you mention are not in the documentation I have

You can obtain all the latest documentation from our website located here. The configurations and solutions section has specific guides etc.