VPN from home issue


OK here goes, I have a client trying to VPN from their home (on baicells LTE) to their work (not our customer) using dell sonicwall, it is a l2tp/ipsec vpn. the client radio is a MT422e with software version BCE-ODU-1.0.8 and the base station (enodeB) is product type FAP hardware version VER.B, Software version BaiStation, The vpn works fine at mcdonalds, hotels, hotspots etc. but when it gets on our network it does not, vpn logs show isakmp error (timeout). I have narrowed it down to something on LTE as we also do some fiber and wifi customers and it works there, only if going through LTE radios stops it from working. I have also tried DMZ and disabling the firewall in the radio, neither made a difference. so if any one else has seen an issue like this please help me keep my hair!


What is the software version of the eNB and what is the LGW configuration?


Sorry for the late reply Jesse, it is not an LTE issue at all but a sonic wall issue! Thank you for trying to help though!

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