What is the purpose of the CPE?


In a LTE deployment what is the purpose of the CPE? The UE attach to the eNB that will communicate with the cloud EPC. So whats exactly the function of the CPE and why it must support the eNB frequency band? Isn’t the CPE a normal router that provide internet connection between the eNB and the EPC?

How does the CPE connect to the eNB? It connects in the eNB LAN port or communicates with the eNB through radio frequency?

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Up is LTE speak for Cpe. Same thing.

Hopefully to clarify a little more.

Most (many?) traditional WISPs refer to the end user equipment as CPE.

CPE = Customer Premise Equipment
SM = Subscriber Module - used by Cambium/Motorola/Canopy
UE = User Equipment? The first we heard this term used was when we started with Baicells, so maybe common in the LTE world.