BaiCE BG 1.6.16 - New CPE software has been released!

BaiCE_BG_1.6.16 for Atom Cat6 and Cat15 CPEs has been released.

Atom OD15G (EG8015G)
Atom OD06H/L (EG7010A, EG7010C)
Atom ID06B (EG2013B)

:triangular_flag_on_post: Known Issues:

  1. SNMP is incomplete and can currently only enable/disable the feature. Feature will be completed in next release.
  2. Using Standalone SAS mode requires a CBSD certificate. For further details, please reach out ot sales on acquiring a CBSD cert.
  3. “400 - Bad Request” message may display when trying to log into the CPE. Workaround is to open an incognito window or use a different browser.

Software Download:


Version BaiCE_BG_1.6.16
New Features:
- Added: SNMP
- Added: Support Atom OD15G-M11 CPE (EG8015G-M11)
- Added: VoIP/SIP support for EG2013B-M11
- Added: SAS Standalone Mode
- Added: SAS log in system log
- Added: Watchdog for LTE connection
- Added: TR069: Support STUN client
- Added: TR069: Support DMZ configuration
- Added: TR069: Support Ping Watchdog configuration
- Added: TR069: CPE will immediately send any value change event to the OMC

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: EG7010C-M11 LAN port is not forwarding traffic at 100M speed
- Fixed: Unable to set to the strongest cell
- Fixed: lte_dm log missing when forwarding log to PC
- Fixed: When CPE is set to Bridge Mode if no device name is set then the device list will be empty
- Fixed: Unable to delete the first data in the LTE-CELL Selection-CELL list when there is data in the EARFCN list
- Fixed: Cell ID displayed as letters and numbers on the overview page
- Fixed: The sidebar collapses when clicking on Network -> UPnP
- Fixed: Numerous "DOMAIN NAME RESOLVE FAILED" logged under the system message log
- Fixed: Fails to properly release the APN interface
- Fixed: Service traffic is blocked after cell reselection
- Fixed: MTU setting is reset to default upon CPE reboot
- Fixed: CPE shows offline on the OMC when CPE reconnects to the eNB without rebooting
- Fixed: Source MAC is not updated when the IP address remains the same and the MAC address changes in bridge mode
- Fixed: Factory settings are restored when CPE upgrades
- Fixed: WebGUI is unreachable when HTTPS Service is disabled
- Fixed: EG8015 CPE log reports CAT7/CAT13 instead of CAT15
- Fixed: System Message settings option display issue on "System_messag.html"
- Fixed: CPE determines "PLMN mismatch" when synchronizing with the previously accessed cell after LTE scan mode change
- Fixed: LAN devices failed to reach some website when MTE is set less than 1440
- Fixed: LAN devices behind the CPE can not get IPv6 address
- Fixed: IPv6 traffic of the device behind the CPE having abnormal activities when CPE reconnects to network
- Fixed: RRC disconnect timer does not clear after detach
- Fixed: Default APN may fail to get IP address
- Fixed: Unable to log into the web GUI in Google Chrome
- Fixed: RSRQ and CINR display incorrectly
- Fixed: Lost message of LTE status when CPE detaches
- Fixed: TR069: STUN client gets suspended when STUN server reboots
- Fixed: TR069: Fail to enable/disable "Remote Https Login" on OMC
- Fixed: TR069: CPE always sent inform with 1 BOOT event after upgrade via OMC
- Fixed: TR069: CPE does not respond to OMC when PCI lock(icon) is clicked
- Fixed: TR069: PCI lock may fail to set
- Fixed: TR069: Incorrect EARFCN is sent
- Fixed: TR069: Error may be returned when configuring SAS parameters on OMC
- Fixed: SAS: SAS on/off setting from OMC is not applying to the CPE
- Fixed: SAS: Uploading P12 format CPI certificate will fail
- Fixed: SAS: Max TX power is not being correctly set based on allowed maxEIRP
- Fixed: SAS: CBSD SAS status may not be displayed correctly
- Fixed: SAS: SAS status did not reset when SAS service restarted
- Fixed: SAS: Remove SAS page if SAS is not supported
- Fixed: SAS: TX Power is not adjusting correctly based on bandwidth
- Fixed: LTE: Only two signal levels are displayed when in CA mode
- Fixed: WLAN: Cannot access WiFi when security mode is WPAPSK or WPA2PSK
- Fixed: WLAN: The WiFi channel setting range is beyond the US regulatory range
- Fixed: WLAN: Wifi in outdoor CPE will remain disabled after rebooting the CPE
- Fixed: LAN: Unable to change the LAN IP or LAN DHCP Range
- Fixed: LED: CPE indicator status failed to change when the center frequency of the eNB is modified

- Improved: Additional debug info added when export log
- Improved: Telnet enabled by default
- Improved: Set DHCP lease time to 8 days when CPE is in Bridge Mode
- Improved: Modify the logic of determining the version number when multicast upgrading EG8015G-M11
- Improved: SAS: Rename "Radio Status" to "SAS Status"
- Improved: TR069: Add STUN settings in TR069 page

I’m really confused on this software release version. The release version 1.6.53 is currently on my EG7010C-M11 devices. Upgrading to 1.6.16 shows they are going backwards in version and Cloudcore is wanting me to go back to 1.6.53? Am I missing something?

err - are we sure that’s an improvement? insecure protocols should definitely NOT be enabled by default?