BaiCE BG 1.6.4 - New CPE software has been released!

:information_source: UPDATE (10/16/20): Have released version 1.6.4 to resolve a number of bugs that were found in 1.6.2. Have updated the middle upgrade chart as well. Additional bug fixes are:

  1. Fixed: CPE TX power is statically set to 23dBm when SAS is disabled
  2. Fixed: Antenna gain is set to 6 (instead of 6.5) for indoor Cat6 CPE
  3. Fixed: CBSD category is set to A by default for indoor Cat6 CPE
  4. Fixed: Bridge mode is not working

Atom OD06H/L (EG7010A, EG7010C)
Atom ID06B (EG2013B)

:warning: NOTICE 1: CONFIGURATION WILL RESET IF UPGRADING FROM BCE-MD-x.x.x. The configuration file from the old “V1” software (BCE-MD-x.x.x) is not supported in the new “V2” software (BaiCE_BG_1.x.x). If upgrading from the OMC, the settings will be converted to the new version. If upgrading the CPE directly, all settings will reset to default.

:warning: NOTICE 2: MIDDLE UPGRADE IS REQUIRED. Previous software configuration is not fully supported in the new release. If upgrading from software BCE-MD-x.x.x or BaiCE_BG_1.1.42 or older, you will need to upgrade to the middle release prior to the intended version. If upgrading from the OMC, the CPE will automatically upgrade to the middle release before upgrading to the target release. For reference, the upgrade chart can be found below:

:triangular_flag_on_post: Known Issues:

  1. SAS registration procedure takes around 10 minutes upon SAS being enabled on the CPE. This is primarily due to the CPE not supporting STUN and will be resolved in the next release.
  2. Scell measurements are not displayed when CPE is in CA mode.

Software Download:


Version BaiCE_BG_1.6.4

New Features:
- Added: SAS support for CPE
- Added: PCI only lock
- Added: Display LAN link speed in WebGUI (10/100/1000Mbps)
- Added: Further details to SAS status (SAS status, Radio Status, and Granted EIRP(10MHz))
- Added: Automatically populate SAS parameters(FCC ID, Antenna Gain, and Radio Technology)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: SAS: Word "Status" spelled incorrectly
- Fixed: SAS: Adjust UE max power if maxEIRP value from SAS is less than UE EIRP capability 
- Fixed: SAS: Remove "Standalone" and "Single-step" for the time being
- Fixed: SAS: Auto-populate incorrect Antenna Gain value
- Fixed: SAS: Auto-populate incorrect FCC ID
- Fixed: SAS: Change made on the WebGUI will not sync with the OMC 
- Fixed: SAS: Remove unnecessary parameters
- Fixed: SAS: OMC not displaying SAS log for CPE
- Fixed: SAS: Getting granted with incorrect MAX EIRP
- Fixed: SAS: Display incorrect value under Granted EIRP(10MHz) 
- Fixed: Rename PCI lock and Cell lock to PCI-only lock and PCI lock
- Fixed: DMZ broke after reboot
- Fixed: Remote web function missing in WebGUI
- Fixed: Web report error when apply to change DHCP parameter
- Fixed: Can not Change LAN IP or LAN DHCP range 
- Fixed: Google Chrome pop up asking for translating the login page
- Fixed: CPE TX power is statically set to 23dBm when SAS is disabled
- Fixed: Antenna gain is set to 6 (instead of 6.5) for indoor Cat6 CPE
- Fixed: CBSD category is set to A by default for indoor Cat6 CPE
- Fixed: Bridge mode is not working

So, will the UE just not upgrade. Or what will happen if we don’t use the middle firmware? I seem to be having a very hard time getting my computers back in to a radio we upgraded, or set new IP and DHCP settings to, while on this latest version at a minimum.

Do you mean you have a hard time getting remote access into the CPE? If so, could this be because you have SAS enabled? If SAS is enabled but is not in transmission state, then only TR069 traffic will be allowed between the CPE and OMC to stay within the guidelines of the CPE handshake rules.

No, locally. It seems it was some kind of Chrome issue. I was getting 400- page errors. I switched to Edge and it worked.

I have another issue I’m going to open a ticket about though. Our cat6 radios don’t seem to be able to move hardly any traffic, while our cat4’s work fine side by side.

If you close and reopen the browser or open incognito window, it should work fine. The CPE GUI will save some browser cache which may cause an issue with opening the same IP address, especially when upgrading from an old release.