BaiCE BG - New CPE software has been released!

New firmware for Atom Cat6 & Cat15 CPEs has been released. This version contains a number of bug fixes to help resolve some reboot, connectivity issues and improve stability optimizes the refresh rate on the Overview page. New highlight feature in this update is the built-in tool.

:warning: NOTICE: Starting with version BaiCE BG 1.8, SAS will automatically be enabled when the CPE connects to a Band 48 cell. Registration with the SAS is required before regular data traffic is allowed on the WAN interface. Only exception to this is when using the EUD firmware which restricts max EIRP to 23dBm.

Atom OD15G (EG8015G)
Atom OD06H (EG7010A; EG8013A)
Atom OD06L (EG7010C)
Atom OD06LX (EG8013L)
Atom ID06B (EG2013B)

Software Download:


    Version BaiCE_BG_1.8.11.37
    New Features:
    - Added: tool
    - Added: Support multi-user login to the webGUI at the same time  

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Update tk.gz for GDM7243A to fix TK crash issue
    - Fixed: SNMP cannot work normally when PCI set to 0
    - Fixed: Range of PCI ONLY LOCK is incorrect, modify from 0~504 to 0~503
    - Fixed: Repeated SAS connection failure will lead to reboot 
    - Fixed: Memory leak of nvram_bufset 
    - Fixed: SNMP parameters "rocommunity/rwcommunity" are cleared after the software update
    - Fixed: The product name of EG8013C_M11 is incorrect on WebGUI-basic info page
    - Fixed: CPE web service may crash making the webGUI inaccessible
    - Fixed: CPE webGUI may not be accessible
    - Fixed: PC may not receive LAN IP when CPE is rebooted from webGUI
    - Fixed: CPE may reboot when clicking LAN Settings in webGUI
    - Fixed: TR069 Periodical Interval was incorrectly to set 3000 (default is now 300)
    - Fixed: TR069 connection does not reestablish after an interruption occurs
    - Fixed: SBL updated to resolve reboot issue caused by DDR loading
    - Fixed: LAN port will lose connection caused by missing "<" in ucfg XML file
    - Fixed: DHCP LAN IP assignment is slow in Bridge mode when CPE reboots or reattaches
    - Fixed: CPE may reboot due to TK crash under high throughput
    - Fixed: SAS: CPE will relinquish all grants and deregister from SAS when changing SAS URLs to avoid 401 response error
    - Fixed: TR069: LAN DNS settings fail to apply from OMC
    - Fixed: WiFi: [EG8015G-M11] 802.11b PC cannot access WiFi of CPE
    - Fixed: [EG8015G-M11] PC cannot get DHCP IP when rebooting CPE through WebGUI
    - Fixed: [EG8015G-M19] Scell SINR will display as 65000 when CPE accessed to CA
    - Fixed: [EG8015G-M11] Only one LAN device is displayed when multiple APNs are bridged

   - Improved: Allow the value of GRE L2 VLAN List to be "0" and NULL
   - Improved: Merge two Apply buttons into one on the PCI Lock page
   - Improved: No need to Reboot the device again when modifying PCI-only LOCK
   - Improved: CPE default route will use Mgmt APN when using multi-APN configuration
   - Improved: Bandwidth is added in the scanning result of "Cell Scan"
   - Improved: Remove the Signal Screen button on the Overview page
   - Improved: Add CPE Nickname on the Overview page
   - Improved: Add TDD Subframe column on Cell Scan page
   - Improved: LTE metrics refresh every 2s on the Overview page
   - Improved: Reboot messages are printed to the log file
   - Improved: Log export for both webGUI and OMC is more detailed
   - Improved: Invalid messages are removed from CPE logs
   - Improved: SAS: Set B48 on by default
   - Improved: TR069: Support to configure MTU via OMC

Is it possible to use the EUD firmware on existing CPEs?

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@daveisfera Due to FCC regulation, the product SKUs and FCC IDs are different between CBSD and EUD model CPEs. Currently, to use EUD mode, you will need to purchase a EUD CPE.