BaiCE BG - New CPE software has been released!

New BaiCE BG firmware for Atom OD06/OD015 CPEs has been released. Highlight features for this release are:

  • Site Survey
  • WiFi Alignment
  • GRE (for HaloB L2) Scan
  • Uplink CA support (all CPE models)
  • 256QAM downlink (Cat15)

:warning: NOTICE: Starting with version BaiCE BG 1.8, SAS will automatically be enabled when the CPE connects to a Band 48 cell. Registration with the SAS is required before regular data traffic is allowed on the WAN interface. Only exception to this is when using the EUD firmware which restricts max EIRP to 23dBm.


Atom OD15G (EG8015G)
Atom OD06H (EG7010A)
Atom OD06L (EG7010C)
Atom OD06LX (EG8013L)
Atom ID06B (EG2013B)

Software Download:


Version BaiCE_BG_1.8.10.1

New Features:
- Added: Cell Scan
- Added: Neighbor Cell Scan
- Added: Uplink CA Support (all CPE models)
- Added: 256QAM Downlink Support (Cat15)
- Added: WiFi Alignment
- Added: Display MCS values on Overview page
- Added: Display 3CA/4CA info on Overview page
- Added: IPv6 support for EG8015G-M11 (Cat15)
- Added: SAS support for CPE model EG7015G-M11 (Cat15)
- Added: Bind APNs to individual WiFi SSIDs (Indoor CPE only)
- Added: GRE Support
- Added: Option 43 LAN DHCP configuration
- Added: LTE: Support additional CA combinations (C+A,C+C,D,E)
- Added: SAS: Automatically enable SAS when B48 is selected
- Added: SAS: Add unit of measurement dropdown for height install parameter
- Added: SNMP: Support Frequency Lock, PCI-only Lock, and 2nd ACS server
- Added: TR069: Support secondary ACS server (Dual TR069)
- Added: TR143: Support Traceroute
- Added: TR143: Support Ping
- Added: TR143: Support Download/Upload
- Added: TR143: Support UDPEchoPlus

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Memory leak is fixed
- Fixed: Throughput is low after changing NTP to Manual under IPv6 or IPv4v6
- Fixed: In Bridge mode with multiple APNs, Bearer type will reset to DATA
- Fixed: Reset to factory default may fail
- Fixed: NTP is unable to sync when CPE uses IPv6
- Fixed: CPE reboots due to wirelessstatus.cgi crash and free pointer of nvram_bufget
- Fixed: DNS is not written to /etc/resolv.conf when CPE uses to IPv6
- Fixed: When LTE Connection Mode is set to Manual, it always shows “Initializing...please wait”.
- Fixed: CQI, MCS, and TX power is displayed wrong
- Fixed: Data plane may break when changing bearer type in multi-APN configuration
- Fixed: Strongest Cell setting for Power Scan is set by default
- Fixed: SNMP reported wrong values for EARFCN and RSRP
- Fixed: Ping Watchdog was not triggering as expected
- Fixed: Bridge mode not working properly with IPv6
- Fixed: CPE does not automatically cell search after modifying EARFCN lock
- Fixed: Cannot log into CPE until after reboot when changing from Bridge to NAT mode
- Fixed: SAS: CBSD can still pass traffic in bridge mode without SAS authorization
- Fixed: TR069: WiFi is still enabled when disabled from the OMC
- Fixed: TR069: Uploading logs to OMC may fail
- Fixed: Webgui: 400-Bad request error

- Improved: Added additional Scell metrics on the Overview page
- Improved: Removed “Antenna Model” and “Group type” on SAS page 
- Improved: Changed "Periodic" to "Keep-Alive Interval" on TR069 page 
- Improved: Changed "WiFi Dog" to "WiFiDog" 
- Improved: Changed "Maintance" to "Maintenance"
- Improved: Optimized the "cell scan" page prompts, "successfully changed settings" has been removed
- Improved: Realign side menu pages
- Improved: Added route page to side menu bar
- Improved: SAS: Merge SAS Settings and SAS Certificates onto one page
- Improved: TR069: Add STUN Keep-Alive Interval
- Improved: TR069: Optimize TR069 service memory usage
- Improved: LTE: Optimize watchdog timer to help prevent RRC disconnect when UE Inactivity timer is low value
- Improved: Security: ACS server is set to HTTPS by default
- Improved: Security: HTTPS is only supported option to access to WAN IP webGUI (HTTP support removed)