BaiCE BG - New CPE software has been released!

BaiCE BG for Atom OD06 CPEs has been released. This update primarily resolves connectivity issues when SAS is enabled.

Atom OD06H/L (EG7010A, EG7010C)
Atom ID06B (EG2013B)

:warning: NOTICE: MIDDLE UPGRADE MAY BE REQUIRED. If upgrading from software BCE-MD-x.x.x or BaiCE_BG_1.1.42 or older, you will need to upgrade to the middle release prior to the intended version. If required and if upgrading from the OMC, the CPE will automatically upgrade to the middle release before upgrading to the target release. For reference, the upgrade chart can be found below:

:triangular_flag_on_post: Known Issue:

  1. SAS registration procedure takes around 10 minutes upon SAS being enabled on the CPE. This is primarily due to the CPE not supporting STUN and will be resolved in the next release.

Software Download:


Version BaiCE_BG_1.6.5.3

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: SAS: Incorrect max TX power may be set
- Fixed: SAS: Grant info is not cleared when CPE disconnects
- Fixed: Webgui may display 404 error
- Fixed: Iptables scripts may erroneously block LAN traffic

- Improved: Add additional debug info to log export

Updated the post to include the middle upgrade files. Note that a middle upgrade is not required if upgrading from 1.1.47 or newer.