BaiCE BMI 1.3.5 - New software for SNAP PoE Router has been released!

New software for SNAP PoE Router has been released.
Highlight features for this release are:

  • PPPoE (when CPE is in L2 configuration)
  • WiFi Analyzer
  • TR143 Support

:warning: NOTICE: Starting with version BaiCE BMI 1.3.5, the default LAN IP address will change to and you will need to change the URL to to access the SnapRouter after upgrade. Previously, the SnapRouter had the same default IP address ( as the CPE. To avoid conflict, previous logic was that the SnapRouter would change the IP address of the CPE to This logic is now removed and the SnapRouter will no longer be making any configuration changes to the attached CPE.


  • SNAP PoE Router (EP3011)

Software Download: BaiCE_BMI_1.3.5


Version BaiCE BMI 1.3.5

New Features:
- Added: Support PPPoE
- Added: WiFi Analyzer
- Added: WiFi Client Status on the Overview page
- Added: Support change password via OMC
- Added: System Messages
- Added: Support TR143
- Added: TR069: Support turn ON/OFF LAN and WLAN settings via OMC

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Will not modify the ODU configurations
- Fixed: Changed ACS Server URL from HTTP to HTTPS by default
- Fixed: DNS and Option 138 configuration does not properly restore when uploading backup config
- Fixed: Backup of STUN configuration fails
- Fixed: WiFi driver queue full resulting in no internet access
- Fixed: Adding a static route does not take effect
- Fixed: Changing ODU WAN setting (NAT -> Bridge) will cause EP3011 to not update the WAN IP automatically
- Fixed: Wrong channel configuration of 2.4G WiFi
- Fixed: TR069: Module name, Version, and WAN parameters reported incorrectly in OMC
- Fixed: TR069: WiFi 5GHz information reported incorrectly in OMC
- Fixed: TR069: WiFi configuration may not successfully apply
- Fixed: TR069: Disconnects from OMC after running for several days

- Improved: Will no longer modify ODU configuration
- Improved:Display the ODU IMSI
- Improved:Update LTE Status (display Band and MIMO configuration of ODU)
- Improved:“Connected to ODU, please enable ODU DHCP server” text will be prompted on EP3011 webgui after disable the ODU DHCP
- Improved:Deleted SAS page (SAS configuration is on ODU instead)
- Improved:Display IMSI of attached ODU in OMC
- Improved: SNMP: Updated the SNMP OID node parameters
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