BaiCE BQ 1.1.15 - New software for Atom ID15M CPE has been released!

New firmware for Atom ID15M CPE has been released. This version mainly adds SAS support (missing from first batch units) and includes a number of bug fixes.


  • Atom ID15M (EG3015M-M30-HP)

Software Download: BaiCE_BQ_1.1.15


Version BaiCE BQ 1.1.15

New Features:
- Added: SAS support for EG3015M-M30-HP
- Added: WiFi parameter list is now collapsible

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: The web management interface does not have a remote SSH login switch
- Fixed: Scell info was displayed incorrectly on Overview page
- Fixed: Logout menu link was not highlighting when hovering cursor over
- Fixed: Clean up UI on Dynamic DNS page 
- Fixed: Corrected format of LTE connection time on the overview page
- Fixed: ICMP flood attack protection does not work
- Fixed: Webgui throughput chart had inaccurate peak throughput calculation 
- Fixed: TR069 reporting Scell freq wrong when SAS is enabled
- Fixed: Network is not reachable in Bridge mode when APN IP address ends in .1
- Fixed: After Layer3 L2TPv3 Static tunnel is open, the device behind CPE cannot access the peer subnet
- Fixed: Fixed spelling errors on routes and NTP page
- Fixed: The overview page does not load properly on some browsers
- Fixed: OMC upgrade may fail
- Fixed: Enabling MAC filter will cause IP filter to no longer work
- Fixed: TR069 username and password parameters are incorrect
- Fixed: Cellular pages may not load correctly when SAS is in an unauthorized state
- Fixed: LAN traffic was routing through WAN interface when SAS status is not Authorized and WAN mode is set to Bridge

- Improved: Fix UI bugs on the Static route page
- Improved: Homepage system uptime and connection time display is optimized
- Improved: Method of calculating the peak value of WAN traffic statistics is updated
- Improved: WAN throughput chart UI is updated
- Improved: CPU utilization statistic is now derived from MPSTAT
- Improved: Optimize downlink TCP performance
- Improved: Optimize the Scan Mode page to use only one apply the button
- Improved: Automatic B48 is enabled by default