Getting Started Documentation

We have received our eNodeB starter kit and are super excited to start some testing! I was looking for a manual or guide that would really walk through the full setup process. The small manual included in the package looked good for physical mounting and connecting power/coax. I’m more interested in how to access the GUI, things we need to do to connect to the cloud resources, etc. Thanks in advance!

I had the exact same questions when I got my first one and looked at the manual.
I don’t think there is actually any official documentation for “Getting started GUI guide” or at least there wasn’t one at the time I asked.

If you plug into the management port it is default set to
Plug your other port directly to the internet and it is set to DHCP out of the box. Make sure it can pick up an Internet accessible address it should connect automatically.

You can also change the network settings to a static address if needed from the management port.

Hope that helps get you started.

@NoizeNet-Steve Feel free to give me a call. We have several deployed around the area. I’d be happy to help out. 309-369-5704

Just a follow up to my original post for others that my find this useful. Once we registered with the Cloud Core, site we received all of the manual and information we needed to get started. As a recommendation to Bai Cells it would be good to have a getting started section that just lays out the steps. I felt initially like were in the dark, but after that initial registration we had what we needed. Just a simple page that lays out the first few steps to getting started with Bai Cells would be excellent for all new and potential future customers. As a consumer I like to know the path I need to take before I start down it.

Thanks! Steve