L2TP WAN bridge LAN?

Hi all. I’m looking for a way to bridge the LAN side of the radio to the L2TP interface. I can bring up L2TP on WAN in tunnel moode and set with BCP. That successfully auths to my L2TP server, but the LAN side devices still gets LAN IPs and DHCP from the CPEs. I disabled DHCP hoping that they were just getting ‘local’ IPs first, but that doesn’t work.

bridge LAN on CPE (EB7010A-M11, but want this on others as well) to L2TP server so client devices have layer2 back to my core routers.

I must be missing a step to make this work.


What kind of layer 2 traffic are you trying to bridge? Broadcast traffic?

yes. DHCP must pass.