Anyone using bridge mode in the CPE?


One of my coworkers was under the impression bridge mode in the CPE (not the base station) did not work yet, I haven’t tested it yet.

If it does not work, is there a timeline that it will?



Im watching this as well to see as I am also interested if bridge mode on the CPE/UE is working yet


@rick.harnish any ideas here? I tried this as well and it does not seem to work here (or I am doing it wrong).


Good Point / Good Request.

I think it would be good to try bridge Mode on the UE combined with the (working) L2 Mode on the eNB in combination with 3rd Party Routers like Mikrotik connected to the UE as a Home/Soho Router/AP.
Going to try this is the Lab…

Issue might be MGMT access if UE is in Bridge mode - might need to combine this testing with also testing the VLAN capabilities of the CPE’s (to have UE MGMT on a tagged interface)

This should go to the Beta Group though.



Bridging the CPE doesn’t work. To have a bridged CPE currently, you have to run a bridged VPN
with another device (like two mikrotik routers).