Bridge Mode on local EPC server

Hallo, currently we are using bridge mode with vxlan on my topology (local EPC server)
And the UE pdn ip address can work as a Local area network. (Pingable each other, pingable from my server segment) but, i have no idea to make my CPE/UE can be remotable.

Can anybody help me to figure it out?

You would require two APNs in this scenario. One for CPE management and one for L2 (VxLAN). For assistance in configuring this setup, please send an email to

We done this configuration, but with vxlan topology can we still access CPE/UE by remote?

Or can we assign one ip address for CPE/UE and one again for end user so we can ping it too.

Thank you for your response.

That is why you use two APNs. One IP is for managing the CPE (remote access) and one IP for establishing connection to VxLAN end point.

Hallo Jessy,

Now we use 2APN.

One using this ip for establish to end point. And pingable from my server.

Second apn with NAT (we set this for managing CPE) my question is…

How to make pingable too from my server (we use PRTG to pinging monitor as