Maximizing uplink performance to a single UE


We have a hotel that needs bandwidth and all other options have been exhausted, fiber, copper, or line of sight wireless. Ideally they want 100Mx100M which we know will not be possible. That said, we’d like to propose some kind of asymmetrical solution. We’ve never seen more than a 6M upload to a single UE. We would be deploying this as a dedicated AP for this one account. We realize the non line of sight nature of this link is a wildcard nobody can predict but what would the best case uplink bandwidth on a 10MHz channel be? We’re looking at something like a 30M x 10M minimum to propose to them.


Send me an email at I can help you with this — I’ve done many NLOS point-to-point links. Please include information about the distance between the two locations (Lat/Long would be very helpful), as well as your budget for this.

I’ve been in telecommunications side of wireless industry since the late 90s; built a rural wireless ISP at the age of 22, sold it as a profitable company with near 1300 subscribers less than 5 years later. Worked for ClearBand (Cablevision) as wireless engineer, done tons of consulting all over N America, and am now the chief architect on the wireless side of a $1B telecommunications company based in New York City.

Don’t give up on your 100/100Mbps aspirations just yet…