NOVA 436Q RF Cables

I am confused as to whether there is a specific order to connecting the RF Cables to the eNb. I read thru the documentation and I am aware antenna 1 goes to one side, and antenna 2 goes the other.

Found this in the documentation:

NOTE: Antenna ports ANT0 and ANT1 connect to the primary cell (Pcell), or Cell 1.
Antenna ports ANT2 and ANT3 connect to the secondary cell (Scell), or Cell 2.

I suppose what’s confused me is if antenna 0 and 1 should go to a specific port on the the antenna; and the same for the other side.

It’s seems like our range isn’t as good as it should be and didn’t know if not having them connected in the wrong order would create cross-talk or interference. The installation PDF was kind of vague on this.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.