OMC and BOSS Upgrade Announcement - February 27, 2018 @ 12:00am Pacific

The OMC and BOSS section of CloudCore is being upgraded February 27 at midnight PST. The main highlight for this update is HaloB support. Downtime is expected to last 4 hours.


OMC Version 3.4.4 & BOSS Version 3.4.1
New Features:
- Added: OMC: Support HaloB management.
- Added: OMC: Dashboard customization added.
- Added: OMC: Advanced > Self-Configuration page added for automatic software upgrade and configuration.
- Added: OMC: System > Device > Reset Password page added.
- Added: OMC: System > Device > License page added for HaloB license management and activation.
- Added: BOSS: OMC API added for HaloB support.